Our main focus is to create a unified brand approach for your business. We do this by looking at all your customer/client touch-points and ensure that these align with your business' personality. Any customer/client will therefore have a consistent brand experience whenever and wherever they deal with your business.

We will look at your business' personality which is derived from your mission statement, vision and core values. The corporate identity in turn comes from the need to appeal to your target market. The corporate identity is also influenced by your business's personality and needs to be reflected in all your marketing endeavours.

The goal is to always display this corporate identity to your customers/clients, whether it is your website, marketing paraphernalia or the look and feel of your premises. The customers/clients must only ever see one face when they come into contact with your business.

Corporate Identity: (otherwise known as your CI)

Whether you would like to have your business seen as a young, hip, out-of-the-box thinking venture or a more conservative, long-standing firm, it all depends on your business's corporate identity. It is the language that you speak to your customers/clients, it is the way your employees act, and the way you deliver your products/services.

The problem:

The problem occurs when one medium of your marketing package speaks one language and your premises, employees or products speak another. This is especially problematic when an expectation is created through one medium and is not met through your delivered product/service. This is one of the key causes of buyer's remorse, which in turn generates negative advertising of your product/service later on.

Our goal is to present your business' CI in a cohesive manner; from your website to your actual premises, there is no surprise waiting for your customers/clients. To ensure they get exactly what they wanted and expected.


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